Glass Of Water is Art that everyone can enjoy GOW is an art & design company which focuses on Genuine & Organic Workmanship boasting its own appeal. Manufacturing the FUTURE DOPE, Glass Of Water provides a new perspective of art pieces that are uniquely familiar within the world we share. 

All products are handcrafted with DESIGNER CUSTOM* options. Let me know what I can do for you to #StayHydrated


My name is Evan Johnson, a Maryland native working within the DMV. At a young age, I was exposed to freedoms that allowed me to creatively pursue my self-interest. From traveling this journey, I have experienced various cultures & lifestyles & I continue to aspire to become more well-rounded. I am determined to explore my curiosity & challenge myself to provide lovers of Art pieces that are refreshingly crisp.


Welcome to Glass Of Water. One of the most unique and interpersonal Designing Companies online. From Unique illustrations, customized designs, and personalized apparel art-work, there are no limitations.


Dopeness Empire, our design studio & art store is located in Riverdale, Maryland.

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The Name

The art & design company’s name is derived from the representation of its refreshingly crisp style of art. Every piece is unique and offers a different perspective of depth, that molds and adapts into many shapes & forms.


The Company

Glass Of Water is here to bring art back to the forefront of life by way of our genuine original workmanship. Just like water, art comes in many forms to help balance the world that we live in. I provide art for those looking for a deeper sense of expression who believe that art is not only for the wall.


The Style

Often conceived out of the abstract, this form is multi-medium fluid style that is ever changing, This multi-dimensional, ever-changing blend of life-inspired structures are woven together to incite excitement & curiosity. These pieces contain geometric pathways that represent the lines & angles that make up our world. The majority of pieces have no orientation, leaving room for the viewer to determine their experience. This simple concept delivers complex pieces that hold hidden images or messages for the viewer's pleasure. Each piece of art truly lives between planes & dimensions, & is a treasure for any collection.

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